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Online Publishing Model - Financial Considerations

I scanned-in the following documents to give you a general idea of the kind of income you can expect when you use ALL THREE (3) channels of the Online Publishing Model, as they are detailed in Instant Book Writing Kit.

As you'll quickly see, if you are NOT distributing your books/ebooks through ALL THREE channels of the Online Publishing Model, you are leaving significant money "on the table".

1. Dedicated Web Site eBooks

This first scan is of one of the checks I receive regularly from my Web site(s) payment processor, It covers one two-week period in early 2005, and is for ONLY ONE of the seven (7) eBook Web sites that I currently operate. I receive similar checks for each Web site every two weeks. In fact, with my seven eBook Web sites on the go, I get a total of 14 cheques from ClickBank every month, some bigger than this one, and some smaller. They certainly add up very quickly!

2. Digital Download eBooks

Below is a copy of the monthly Publisher Compensation Report from my primary digital distribution company. The report shows all sales of digital download eBooks that people purchased and downloaded from various bookseller Web sites, such as

3. Print-On-Demand (POD) Paperbacks

This scan shows my monthly POD Compensation Report for sales of my print-on-demand paperback titles through my primary digital distribution company. These sales were made through book sellers such as, and other book retailers, both online and offline. At the time of this report I was publishing three POD books and I had just added two additional PODs which will start showing up in the sales reports very soon.

Bottom Line:

For the month shown above (January is typically a bit slow) I would have lost 68 sales, worth over $1,000 in total, had I not ALSO set-up my ebooks/books as digital downloads AND print-on-demand books -- as per the Online Publishing Model.

So, as you can clearly see from the above, if you don't use ALL THREE channels in the Online Publishing Model, you are needlessly leaving serious money on the table -- money that is there just for the taking -- by submitting your book/ebook to the other distribution channels in the model.

Exactly how you can do this is explained in step-by-step detail in Instant Book Writing Kit.

You can order the Kit right here.

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