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Instant Book Writing Kit - How To Write, Publish and Market Your Own Money-Making Book (or eBook) Online - New eBook Upstages Traditional Book Publishing Model With New "Online Publishing Model

A newly released ebook says the traditional book publishing industry operates an archaic and dysfunctional business model that exploits small time authors and publishers. According to the author, Shaun Fawcett, his Instant Book Writing Kit offers a new "online publishing model" that shows independent authors and publishers how to use multiple online distribution channels (via the Internet) to bypass the conventional publishing model and make a lot more money for their efforts.

"I was shocked when I published my first two books using the traditional book publishing model a few years ago. Even though I had by-passed the major publishing houses by self-publishing, I wasn't able to completely side-step the way that industry operates, since I still had to adhere to its operating practices in order to get my books into the bookstores. I was stunned to learn about the archaic and exploitive nature of many of the standard business practices still used by the book publishing industry in North America".

Fawcett says it was largely the dubious business practices of the traditional publishing industry that motivated him to find a better way to publish and market his own books. He claims that he has done exactly that, and has now documented his new approach to publishing -- the Online Publishing Model -- in detail in his newly released Instant Book Writing Kit. His Kit offers a step-by-step system for writing, publishing, and marketing a book or ebook using Internet-based distribution channels that almost completely by-passes the traditional publishing infrastructure.

"One of the most blatant examples of these unacceptable practices is when the industry forces authors/self-publishers to wait a full 90 to 120 days, and sometimes longer, to get paid after a book sale is made" stated Fawcett. "Another example is the industry's standard protocol for 'returns' whereby book sellers are given 100% refunds for books they order but do not sell, and then these refunds get charged back to the author, often months after the initial transaction!" He went on to add, "But the most mind-boggling and little known fact is how that industry victimizes small time authors and self-publishers by paying them the measly sum of between 3% and 6% of the cover price of their own book - in my opinion, that borders on criminal."

According to the Fawcett, Instant Book Writing Kit is a step-by-step instruction manual that explains exactly how he went about writing, publishing and marketing 7 successful ebooks over a 27-month period. He claims that if you follow his 17 Action Steps To Online Publishing Success you will significantly increase your book/ebook sales and profits over what they would be with the traditional publishing model.

"Through this ebook, I am giving independent authors and self-publishers direct access to a more profitable way to write, publish and market their books/ebooks based on my own hard-earned, trial-and error learning experiences over a three-year period."

Instant Book Writing Kit, is the seventh in a series of ebooks that Fawcett has released in the past 34 months. His other ebooks include: Instant Home Writing Kit (2001), Instant Recommendation Letter Kit (2002), Instant Business Letter Kit (2002), Instant Resignation Letter Kit (2003), Instant Reference Letter Kit (2003), and Instant College Admission Essay Kit (2003).

This new ebook can be viewed at:

Shaun Fawcett is Web Master of a popular writing help Web site, Every week, thousands of people visit that site to obtain tips, advice, and resource information on their everyday writing needs including: personal letters, business letters, resumes, cvs, reports, essays, and term papers. His special Web site dedicated to practical Writing Tools is:

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Media Contact: Shaun Fawcett: 1-800-600-6550 (toll-free) or Contact Me

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Features/Benefits Fact Sheet


Here are the Features and Benefits of Instant Book Writing Kit:

  • The Kit is a comprehensive step-by-step manual documenting every step of 17 Action Steps for creating and selling a profitable book/ebook online.

  • Little known secrets to getting an book/ebook distributed and sold online through multiple money-making channels.

  • Dozens of tips, tricks, pointers and insider information on what works and what doesn't when using the online publishing model.

  • Never-before-published traffic-generating strategies that will channel hundreds of additional targeted visitors to a book/ebook site every day.

  • Essential implementation tools designed to help one develop, publish and market your ebook/book successfully using the 17 Action Steps.

  • Over 30 fully-researched, pre-selected links to the top information resources online for ebook and print-on-demand publishing.

  • Free Professional Telephone Consultation with the author on implementing the online publishing model through the 17 Action Steps.

  • Exclusive discounts and upgrades valued at over $50 for products and services offered by a number of recommended Webmasters.

  • A powerful book writing kit that shows how to double, triple or quadruple book/ebook sales and profits using the online publishing model.

  • The Kit comes with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee should a buyer find that the Kit does not help them develop and market a money-making book/ebook online.


Shaun Fawcett is a Canadian-based writer, business consultant, journalist, and publisher. Over the years he has worked in a wide variety of professional capacities in both the private and public sectors. He earned his M.B.A. in 1996 through the University of Ottawa's Executive MBA Program.

He has published many magazine articles on subjects ranging from business, to sports, to entertainment. He is the author of the book Internet Basics without fear! and he owns and operates the Montreal-based firm, Final Draft! Business Consulting and Communications.

Thus far, Shaun has published seven "Writing Toolkit" eBooks:

Instant Book Writing Kit
Instant Letter Writing Kit
Instant Home Writing Kit
Instant Business Letter Kit
Instant Resignation Letter Kit
Instant Recommendation Letter Kit
Instant College Admission Essay Kit

These eBooks are unique in the sense that they provide comprehensive "how to" information combined with "real-life" templates that users can download into their word processors and use as they choose. They have been designed to meet the home, business, and educational writing needs of the typical visitor to his writing help Web sites.

In addition to the six sites listed above, Shaun is also Webmaster of the popular one-stop writing help Web site: Every week, thousands of people from over 130 countries visit that site to obtain tips, advice, and resource information on everyday writing including: personal letters, business letters, resumes, cvs, reports, essays, and term papers.

Fawcett is author of the internationally acclaimed writing help eCourse Tips and Tricks For Writing Success which he offers for free at his various Web sites. He also maintains an online directory of "best in class" practical writing tools available online. That site is:

Shaun's ongoing mission is to develop writing and "how to" tools for the every day needs of the average person. The philosophy behind all of his writing and publishing activities is the same: "...everyone, no matter what they do or where they come from, should be able to benefit from the power of the written word in their everyday life."

Contact Information:
Shaun Fawcett, M.B.A.
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Montreal, QC, Canada
H3C 1L2
Tel:     (514) 989-1698, 1-800-600-6550
Fax:    (514) 989-7283
E-mail: Contact Me


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  4. How does this Kit tie in with your various "writing help" Web sites?

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  6. Who will be the primary users of the Kit? i.e., Who was it designed for?

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  8. Your Web site refers to serious problems with the traditional book publishing industry." What are these problems? Can you give some examples?

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  10. What do you mean when you refer to the "online publishing model"; What is it, exactly?

  11. How is your "online publishing model" different from the "traditional publishing model"?

  12. What are the major advantages of the online publish model? Are there any downsides?

  13. Your Web site refers to the "17 Action Steps For Online Publishing Success". What are these action steps all about?

  14. How does the Kit actually work? i.e., How can a user turn the Kit into an actual book or ebook?

  15. You claim that the Kit will significantly increase sales and profits over the traditional book publishing model; What is that claim based on?

  16. One of the Bonuses that you offer is a Free consultation with you. How does that work?

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